Debi Tracy ~ Mama Hypno
Founder of One Birth At A Time – Holistic practitioner
Parent Child Education Instructor at South Nassau Communities Hospital
Debi Tracy is passionate about helping you and your family regain balance in life; with thriving energy, health, and abundance for you to share.  Contact Mama Hypno for help with natural childbirth classes, fertility, hypnosis for life, yoga, health and wellness on Long Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY.
EMPOWERING Today’s Parents, Tomorrow’s Future…One Birth At A Time!
HypnoBirthing®a comprehensive birthing class that fully prepares you for birth with the knowledge and confidence you need to birth calmly and gently. It focuses on deep relaxation, working with the body, working with the birthing instincts…
Hypnosis for WellnessThe hypnotic state is like meditation, where the body is relaxed but the mind has heightened awareness allowing new behaviors and thoughts to occur, embedded behaviors to change with long lasting effects. 
YogaMama Hypno Yoga synthesizes Hatha, Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga; along with meaningful imagery and suggestions for healthy transformation during the final resting pose known as Savasana for natural healing. 
Professional Wellness Speaker I connect with my audiences at a personal level. It doesn’t matter whether it is an audience of six, or thousands,I communicate to the audience, one on one, the many ways that we can personally begin to surmount our emotional and health blocks.  
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