Midwives are the connection that we have with the long history of woman empowered birth. I found the article below to be not only right on the money, but inspiring. Hope that you enjoy it. 

From: http://www.naturallyloriel.com/13-things-your-doctor-wont-tell-you-but-your-midwife-will/

Navigating through the birth "industry" is hard work and there is a lot of information out there. Here are 13 things your doctor won't tell you (but your Midwife will).


When I shared a photo of my breakfast that served as a replacement to that awful tasting glucose drink on my Facebook page, the comments came rolling in.

“Oh I wish I had known back then, I was so sick while pregnant and that nasty drink did not help.” ~ Karla C.

“Wish I’d known there was an alternative, both for my health, my daughter’s, and for the simple awful taste of that garbage!” ~ Chelsea R.

“That stuff is so gross! If I knew then what I know now…” ~ April H.

“What!!! Thank you!” ~ Amanda J.

It never occurred to me how many women were in the dark about pre-natal and birthing options but then I remembered that with my first pregnancy I had no idea what I now know for my second. It’s really quite sad that birthing babies has become such an industry — for the lack of a better term — and so many of us don’t know the options we have. I think birthing a baby should be all about empowerment, knowledge, and support… and unfortunately in the United States, birthing a baby for the mass majority of women is far from those three things.

After reading all the comments about women not knowing they had an alternative, I had the burning desire to create a resource that helps Mama’s navigate through this crazy baby industry. It is our bodies, our babies, and it is our right to be 100% educated on all the options so we can make a decision that we feel comfortable with.

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