From a Father

When we started the HypnoBirthing class I read the stories and watched the videos of all these mums who, using this technique, had wonderful, apparently “easy” births and thought “gosh, this is amazing… does it work!?” It took me very little time to realize that HypnoBirthing was a technique that worked and worked well. The combination of breathing technique, visualization, confidence in the fact that, yes, we could do it made all the difference. We did our exercises virtually every evening for 3 months before the birth and very quickly Sophie would go in a deep state of relaxation but at the same time completely in control which to me, was the key.

On our way to the hospital Sophie was listening to the Rainbow Relaxation CD and I could see that she was already in deep relaxation, in the “zone”, her own personal space where she was in control of the pain associated with surges. Once we arrived she got into the tub and, again, still listening to the CDs, she did her breathing exercise.

Several times the midwife said “this is amazing, this is amazing, you look so relaxed”. It is only 10 minutes or so before Quentin was born that the midwife said “do you feel that you need to push?” as until now, we thought that Sophie was only trying to relax, breathing slowly and deeply. In fact, she had been pushing and using the birthing phase breathing for probably 2 hours already!! This shows how relaxed and in control she was. Everyone was fooled! The result; no comfort measure was needed, not even one paracetamol.

I am grateful to Pauline for accompanying us through this journey using HypnoBirthing. I would say to all of those who are thinking of doing HypnoBirthing class, stop thinking and give it a go and if you do go for it then practice, practice, practice. What amazes me now is that, several months after we started the class, we can say: yes, it does work. Our story is another one to be added to the stories of all these other couples who have seen and experienced firsthand the benefits of HypnoBirthing.

– Franck David, Edinburgh, Scotland

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