Baby Welcomes

Baby Naming /Blessing Ceremonies

Express your commitment to a much loved child by welcoming him or her into the family with a personal, unique and beautiful spiritual ceremony.

It is natural to express your commitment to a much loved child by welcoming him or her into the family and indeed, the human race. The need to for a rite of passage ritual at this time is something that goes back thousands of years; the religious have no special claim to it.

Give thanks for your baby’s safe arrival and/or express your commitment to a much loved child by welcoming him or her into the family with a personal, unique and beautiful spiritual ceremony.

This is YOUR ceremony. It can be as simple or as complex as you wish. You may choose to use our standard ceremony or design your own in full or in part with the assistance of the our Celebrant and Mama Hypno, who is also an Event Planner with over 25 years of experience. Together they will help you decide and design something that reflects your vision of the event.

Why a Welcome Ceremony?

  • Maybe you don’t subscribe to any form of organised religion but wish to celebrate the wonder that is your child with family and friends.
  • Maybe you are looking for an alternative to a traditional Christening.
  • Maybe in today’s multicultural society you wish to include all your friends, whatever their religious beliefs and find a service in any one faith too restricting.
  • Maybe as parents, you are from different religious cultures and don’t want to opt for one over the other.
  • Maybe you wish to use your own words and design your own way of naming and welcoming your child.

In any of these situations, a Welcome Ceremony could be the answer you are looking for.

Spirituality is a way of life, not a religion. It offers a lifestyle that may be followed by any, even if they subscribe to particular religious beliefs.

A spiritual ceremony welcomes your child to the family and the wider human community. It offers something meaningful that may be enjoyed and participated in by those of any faith or indeed, no faith.

Are the ceremonies just for new babies?

Welcome ceremonies are suitable in many situations:

  • To welcome and to name a new baby.
  • To name an older child for whom the parents did not wish a Christening, but did not, at the time, know what else could replace it.
  • A ceremony for a child who has reached an age to decide that they would like such a ceremony themselves.
  • To welcome children to a family through remarriage or adoption.

Where can the Ceremony be held?

A welcome ceremony may be held in any non-religiously affiliated building or in the open air. Suitable venues include:

  • Hotels, village halls, and the like.
  • Own home, home of grandparent’s, friends or relatives.
  • Own garden or the garden of a grandparent, friend or relative.
  • A beach, meadow or wood.
  • Anywhere that has happy associations for the family.

On a cautionary note, if the ceremony is to be out of doors, this is best during summer months and some provision for shelter should the weather turn inclement is advisable.

What is included in the ceremony?

This is YOUR ceremony. It can be as simple or as complex as you wish.

The following is our standard ceremony, which may be used as it stands or with certain elements changed or omitted. Equipment supplied by One Birth At A Time may be substituted for items that have special significance to your family, if your Celebrant agrees they fill the requirement.

When reading the following information, you will see some suggestions for alternatives have been included, but please contact One Birth At A Time for other suggestions and options.

If you wish to create your own ceremony completely from scratch, our Celebrant will happily conduct this for you too.

Standard Ceremony:

  • Celebrants introduction and welcome
  • Reading
  • Elements
  • Naming the child
  • Promises
  • Further reading
  • Acknowledgement of Child
  • Signing of certificate
  • Closing words
  • Sharing of cake

Other ideas you may like to incorporate:

  • Planting a tree or a rose bush to mark the day
  • In cases of adoption or remarriage, a welcoming of the child to the new family by all family members present
  • A book to be signed by all present commemorating the day
  • Each guest is given a single flower at the beginning of the ceremony and at a given moment, they come one by one to hand them to the baby with a greeting
  • Throw the floor open to your guests to make toasts, speeches or statements regarding the babies health and happiness

What is included in the ceremony?

This is up to the individual family. The ceremony can:

  • Stand alone, just a quiet affair for the parents and child.
  • Be part of a small family gathering finished by the sharing of cake.
  • Be followed by a larger party for family and friends.

What is included in the ceremony?

Our fee for the ceremony for those on Long Island is $350, plus agreed travelling expenses. As further travelling or overnight accommodation may be necessary, quotes available for all other areas on request.

This fee includes an initial consultation in person if distance permits, or by telephone, e-mail or mail, to ‘design’ the service, the writing of words if required, the supply of equipment if required and attendance on the day to include preparation of space and pre ceremony ‘run through’ to make sure all know what is going to happen.

Please contact Mama Hypno to start planning your baby’s welcome!

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