Before I start, it is pertinent for all who read this to understand that my son is truly a miracle baby. According to 3 doctors, and many not so fun tests, I was told I would never be able to bear children. I had a horrible case of crohns disease, cervical dysplasia and was supposed to be infertile. Being a maternal person who always wanted children, I did not accept no for an answer. Lucky for me, being stubborn can come in handy sometimes. I became pregnant with my little guy in June 2007.

Jayden Michael was born on his due date February 27th at 1:11AM. Thanks to Debi, my HypnoBirthing instructor (who I had the privilege of working with) Regina, my doula and my partner Bayu, Jayden was born naturally, without drugs, happy and healthy at 7lbs 10oz, 21 inches long. It was a magnificent experience. If anyone wants to have a special and magical birth, you owe it to yourself to contact Debi. She is truly the best in her field, by far! Without her support, I doubt I would have had the same experience!

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