“The birth was amazing, it was just amazing. The hypnobirthing was incredible, I used it to get through all of the surges, and it was just what I needed. I breathed through each one, slow, deep breathing, while visualizing a green balloon being filled, then pushed down and out and into space. As soon as each surge ended, I quietly would talk to my doula and/or husband as I sat and moved in circular motions on the birthing ball. There was always someone doing light touch on my back, through each and every surge. This was so relaxing, it helped me to stay focused and in control. No one else was able to tell how intense each surge was, because of how well I was handling them. I have to admit, I began to panic, from the sudden pressure I was feeling, and I was taking very short breaths. It took me a couple of minutes to relax again (with the help of verbal cues and light touch) so that I could calmly breath the baby down. Ten minutes later, Sara was born at 9:53 pm! The baby was out in about three breaths. I’m telling everyone about HypnoBirthing!”
– Debbie of Huntington, May 2010

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