I began delivering babies in 1983. I believed in the use of drugs to manage obstetrical pain. I saw lots of complications including babies with compromised breathing in spite of my best efforts to use good sound medical judgment. I believed that Epidurals were a medical blessing. I had a 25% C-Section rate.

Patients demanded natural births. I then performed hundreds of deliveries using the pushing, blowing and holding off analgesics until the mother could no longer take the pain. I saw babies that were no longer respiratorily compromised but were exhausted and quite often needed respiratory support with oxygen. But my C-Section rate had fallen to 5%.

Next I used visual imagery to manage pain. I occasionally still had to use narcotics and a rare epidural. I still saw exhausted babies who were not fully able to bond. I still had a C-Section rate of 5%.

I then began using hypnosis to manage pain during birth. The results were ok, mothers still had pain; babies were less often compromised and very rarely needed oxygen. I still had a 5% c-section rate.

I have made the transition to HypnoBirthing®. I now believe that birthing involves no pain. I have attended over 200 births that have used the techniques and philosophy of HypnoBirthing® – “The Mongan Method”. I realize that I no longer perform deliveries; I attend births and observe the birthing companion receive the baby. It is as if my new role is to be present to witness the miracle of HypnoBirthing®.

Every mother has been excited about the birth event. Support people become involved in a meaningful way. I have had no complications. No babies have needed oxygen or any support other than warming by mother’s body. My C-Section rate is 3. I have given absolutely no analgesic drugs since I have used HypnoBirthing® with mothers.

I routinely lecture to medical groups about HypnoBirthing®. I am more than happy to talk to any Health Care Professionals (or anyone else) about my experiences with truly natural birthing. I have a number of patients and husbands who love to talk about their experience. In the near future I will be training residents to use HypnoBirthing® as an option for patients.

I am an Assistant Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine. I am also an Assistant Clinical professor of Family Medicine at the University of Rochester School of Medicine.


Lorne R. Campbell Sr. M.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine,
Mercer School of Medicine
Assistant Clinical professor of Family Medicine,
University of Rochester School of Medicine
8745 Lake St. Rd.
Leroy NY 14482

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