Marta & Laszlo took group sessions with Mama Hypno in their 5th month of pregancy.

Everything happened so fast to me. On september 28 at 10:37pm I started feeling some mild cramps in my stomach but I did not pay to much attention to it. It was not too bad but I could not get any sleep through that night.

Next day it went on and on but still I was like ok maybe these are some false labor pains and it will go away. They were 8-10 minutes apart and each lasted 1.5 minute. Altough I told my husband it felt like 15 seconds for me. On that day september 29 at around 5:30pm I called my doctor and told her about my pains and since they were only 8-10 minutes apart she said not to do anything just relax and maybe next day I could go to the office and see where we are. Right after the call the pain started to pick up and surges came like 5-4-3 minutes apart. And I am still at home.

At some point around 8:30pm I told my husband maybe we should head to the hospital I just have this feeling. In between surges I felt pretty good so I had to manage a very good time management, so I could get downstairs before the next one. And I still did not feel too bad, however the pain was pretty intense. Got to the hospital at around 9pm and during changing into the hospital gown my mucous plug released. That is where I actually acknowledged the fact that I am indeed in real labor now. One doctor examined me: 9 cm dilated I was. They asked my husband where I was until that moment and he said, “Well, at home sitting on a chair and debating whether to go to the hospital or still wait a bit more.” Nurses did not want to believe I was at home all this time.

9:20pm my doctor arrived to the hospital, I felt strong surges for always a 1 minute and a half and than I would have about 2 minutes break in between. I started breathing Adrienne down at around 9:45pm and she was born at 10:10pm with only 3 pushes. I did not have any kind of pain medication whatsoever; I did not tear and 30 minutes after delivery I was able to do the “bathroom” thing.

And what helped me through all this wonderful experience? I just kept breathing and breathing and breathing and I always knew that it would be over soon. I did not scream and during the pushing phase I was talking to the doctor if it was enough push or she needed more. Everybody was very suprised in the hospital how I gave birth, it felt like a miracle to them, to me it was all natural. My memories are all pleasant and wonderful and everything happened the way I had always pictured in my head.

So I did not use the music and script and anything except for the breathing but I did not really have too much chance either since everything happened so fast. I know and I believe in the teaching [of HypnoBirthing] and it just reasured me before delivery that it is indeed possible to give birth without fear and pain and medication and it can be a wonderful experience.

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