Imagine you are pregnant, your baby due very soon and you are surrounded by your closest friends…they gather to honor you and the incredible rite of passage you are going through…they pamper you with a healing footbath, massage your hands and feet, crown you with flowers, and offer you their blessings for your upcoming birth…

This is a blessingway, and more and more, pregnant women are asking this empowering ceremony instead of, or in addition to a baby shower. We can help you create a unique, personalized blessingway ceremony for yourself or a special mother-to-be in your life.

Each ceremony is written specifically for the individual pregnant mama, and is personalized just for her. Other than a beginning and an ending, the entire blessingway is up to you. If something doesn’t appeal, then it is simply skipped. After the formal ceremony is done, the festivities usually end with food and friends chatting until it’s time to go home.

And then you’ll wish it could go on all evening.

What is a Blessingway?

A blessingway is a celebration of the journey into motherhood. It is a nurturing and pampering ceremony often held in the last month of pregnancy to honour a pregnant woman. The ceremony has its roots in Navajo Blessingways, and draws from other cultural and spiritual traditions as well. Typically it is arranged by a very close friend of the pregnant woman, or by a ceremony facilitator. It can be held instead of or in addition to a baby shower. The blessingway is an amazing, empowering experience for the mother-to-be and for her guests. It is a rite of passage which every pregnant mother deserves to experience.

As the mother-to-be imagine this……..

Being surrounded by loved ones that nurture, honor and support you ~~
they adorn your head with flowers, massage and soothe your feet with a warm herbal foot bath, speak words of wisdom and comfort with a candle blessing, and bead a necklace for you that symbolizes their connection with your child throughout life. You are loved and taken care of by all who share in this moment.

For this is the way – a Blessingway.

Please contact Mama Hypno for availablity and fees.

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