My labor started early in the morning, and was pretty much unaware of it. When the surges started to get stronger I just used the breathing I learned and focused. At about 7pm I was 7/8 cm, from then got into the pool, kept my focus through what Cath had taught me and breathed my baby out, it didn’t hurt hardly at all, it was quite orgasmic in a word! it felt nice. I caught him and brought him to my chest. I felt amazing, I’d done it, just lying there cuddling my new son, I burst into tears of joy!.

I believe that HypnoBirthing made all the difference to me, Cath was brilliant, and couldn’t wait to tell her how well I’d done, so well the Midwife kept telling me I was so quiet!! Now after having this experience I’d love to have another baby using this method, and video this time!!

– Julie Hall, UK

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