Prenatal Yoga is the perfect compliment
to the HypnoBirthing® Techniques.

Prenatal Yoga is a wonderful compliment to HypnoBirthing® method of deep focus and relaxation and in working with your body’s natural instincts.  It alongside the HypnoBirthing® methodology helps you practice deep relaxation, maintaining focus, releasing fear, and helps you reach that place of quiet trust-relaxation-confidence faster and easier.

Taking our Prenatal Yoga Class will not only help mother and child during pregnancy and birth, but will carry over a life time.

Yoga is a wonderful addition to your HypnoBirthing® practice. Yoga is beneficial to the mother and the child, and it has been noted to help in natural birth because Prenatal Yoga will help you develop strength, stamina, stability, flexibility and the ability to maintain deep focus, concentration, and to remain calm and relaxed for extended periods of time.

Benefits of Yoga for Birth:

Your Mind:
  • Increases focus and deepened ability to concentrate.
  • Soothes anxiety, reduced stress, balances your energy.
  • Increased confidence and self esteem.
  • Enhances breathing control.
  • Helps you maintain your birthing rhythm calmly.
  • Better oxygen flow during pregnancy and birth.
Your Body:
  • Adds flexibility.
  • It helps you relax and keep your energy expenditure and levels during birth.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Adds balanced strengthening of the pelvic floor and uterus.
  • Helps in stabilization of the SI joints. (ligaments in the pelvic bones)
  • Increases overall muscle strength and tone.
  • Helps balance hormones.
  • Thoroughly compliments HypnoBirthing® methods and goals.

We draw in all the benefits above during birth. In our prenatal Yoga Class we will explore different postures and our body will become familiar with them. You will find ways to relax in these different positions.

The classes are for both seasoned practitioners and those new to Yoga. The class is both challenging and relaxing, with each woman practicing at a depth and intensity that is appropriate for her current level.  Even women with injuries or ‘complications’ can benefit from the class. (with approval from your medical adviser.)

We will present you with individualized attention and with the proper modifications and poses for your level or particular situation. You are encouraged to come with your companion, doula or mother to enjoy the benefits of the class. The relaxation techniques of mindful meditation of HypnoBirthing® are weaved into the classes.

You can find Debi teaching at: Absolute Yoga Studio


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7:30PM – 8:45 PM

Absolute Yoga Studio in Woodbury

Pay as you go $22


8 session series for $160