Professional speaker in wellness, hypnosis, and living a rich well-rounded, healthy, thriving life!

 Hi, I’m Debi Tracy, known as Mama Hypno. I believe that we all have what is needed for thriving health and wellness. It is my passion to share with audiences all the tricks and tips that I use with my personal clients, on how to live the healthy fullfilling life that we are all intended to have. 

Have you ever felt that in some area of your life there was so  much more that you were caplable of achieving, but you could feel a block that you were unable to surpass, til one day a breaktrhough came to you and you broke to the barrier and got to achieve so much more than even you thought possible? 

I connect with my audiences at a personal level. It doesn’t matter whether it is an audience of six, or thousands, from the beginning of the presentation I aim to lift the energy in the room to a high level, from which I communicate to the audience, one on one, the many ways that we can personally begin to surmount our emotional and health blocks. 

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 I have been a guest speaker at The Ross School’s Center for Well Being in East Hampton, Long Island. I volunteered my planning skills as Logistical Chairperson for aTLC’s Summit 2: Healing a Nation’s Trauma held in San Jose, California. I have also been on News12 Long Island Naturally with Mary Mucci and I was interviewed for Ricki Lake’s documentary “The Business of Being Born” and a financial supporter of “More of The Business of Being Born”.  Through Yoga Womb, I teach a 3 hour  “Intro to HypnoBirthing” course to yoga teachers training to become Yoga Alliance Registered PreNatal Teachers.

As a member of Holistic Moms Network, New Yorkers for Vaccination Information and Choice, La Leche League and The HypnoBirthing® Nest along with Long Island Doula Association, The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services and Society of Enlightened Entrepreneurs among other groups, I provide a variety of resources to my clients in their sessions.



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