Open Space Wellness Center

Debi  is available for private hypnosis and Hypno Yoga sessions by appointment at this quaint and quiet space on the third floor of a charming house in the historic village of Cold Spring Harbor. The center focuses on all aspects of health from fertility, pregnancy, pediatrics to digestive health, anti-aging, postpartum weight loss and perinatal mood disorders. Acupuncture, massage therapy and Rolfing is also available at the center.

Long Island Doula Association
Labor/Birth Doulas are re-creating the woman-to-woman network of the past. Having another woman present to provide reassurance and encouragement has been seen throughout history. Doulas understand the emotional and physical complexities of birth, we are able to increase the intimacy of the experience for a mother and her partner by managing the fears of borth parents and providing useful comfort techniques for the mother that her partner may use as well.

Metropolitan Doula Group
Members of the Metropolitan Doula Group believe that every woman deserves a doula. They believe that women deserve to give birth with dignity, joy and peace of mind.

Yoga Parenting

Shana Photography

Imagine images of your baby, your child, your pregnancy: artistic, unconventional, passionate, perceptive, honest, introspective, curious, sensitive, creative, particular, playful, intimate, respectful, and relentlessly seeking. I am committed to truth and spirituality in photography. I am a fine artist; a black & white film photographer. My work is about authenticity, beauty, passion and beautiful things. If conventional posed photos are not for you or your loved ones and this is – then, we should speak!

Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children
aTLC envisions a world where:

  • Every child is wanted, welcomed, loved, and valued.
  • Every family is prepared for and supported in practicing the art and science of nurturing children.
  • Adults respect children and honor childhood.
  • Children joyfully participate in the vital life of family and community.
  • Dynamic, resilient, life-honoring cultures flourish.

Our mission, in concert with a growing number of Affiliates, is to champion a culture of compassionate individuals, families, and communities who have fun with, learn from, and responsively and lovingly interact with children. We accomplish this by providing guidance about consciously conceiving, birthing, and nurturing children.

Keepsake Magnets

Women In Transition
WIT is a unique organization that provides a sanctuary for women who find themselves transitioning through life’s many stages. WIT empowers working moms, moms-to-be, at-home moms; single, married or divorced, many of whom are unprepared for the new challenges that motherhood brings and yet are expected to handle seamlessly.

At WIT, women benefit from the guidance of talented professionals coupled with the support and validation of a community of women who are in similar stages of transition in their lives.

Think Twice

Because this is such an important topic, we believe that parents are entitled to a full disclosure of all pertinent data and the freedom to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children.

Suzanne Arms & Birthing The Future
Our purpose is to inspire, foster and advocate vision and practical models for the healing and well being of life on this planet.

We are proud to launch Birthing the Future with our current work about women giving birth, the human soul coming into physical form, and how we must care for each other at the beginning of life – with all of its implications for maternity and newborn practices, parenting, community, healing and spirituality.

Touching The Future
James W. Prescott spoke at aTLC’s summit. Powerful information.

Elizabeth Pantley, Best-selling parenting author
Elizabeth Pantley has redefined stress-free parenting with her classic books The No-Cry Sleep Solution and The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers. She is the president of Better Beginnings, a parent-education company, and the author of eight books for parents that are available in eighteen languages.

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