I have celebrated my HypnoBirthing baby’s first birthday today (October 16, 2010), and what an amazing journey we have been on together. I had an amazing time throughout my pregnancy and had a beautiful birth thanks to all the techniques I learned. People always comment on what a contented, happy baby he is. I just can’t say thank you enough. I was absolutely petrified of birth after my first experience 14 years ago and now I could do it all again tomorrow!! My partner and I have been saying all today what a wonderful day our son’s birth-day was, so special, spiritual, and wonderful. Since then I have obviously become a practitioner and I am teaching in the birth centre where I birthed. I feel so privileged to share HypnoBirthing with other parents, as I know others do. A huge thanks to Marie Mongan, HypnoBirthing -The Mongan Method, of course, and all of you. -From my family and I.

Oh and I just purchased HypnoParenting CD. It is super! I wish I’d have gotten it sooner as I really missed my affirmations and daily relaxation to that great music. Now I’m enjoying them again!!

– Katy

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