Treat yourself or someone you love to the gift of hypnosis, yoga or both!

Pay in full 15 days in advance for any 2017 series and receive 15% OFF*

*Can not be combined with any other special

Good Buy Summer, Hello Fall! Gift Certificates

In any amount you’d like toward any type of session.

15 % OFF

$100 Gift Certificate will cost you only $85

Give someone a taste of hypnosis with a Gift Certificate towards a session:

  • to help them quit smoking
  • to be rid of winter weight gain
  • to deal with their ADD, OCD, etc.
  • to increase their professional success
  • to decrease their stress levels

Give a mom who’s expecting the best possible tools for a calm,
peaceful birthing experience

with a Gift Certificate towards HypnoBirthing® Classes.


Give a couple real hope to conceive with a Gift Certificate towards
Hypnosis for Fertility sessions.

Expires December 21, 2016

Brooklyn Birthing Center,

Gaia Midwifery, Long Island Doula Association, Metro Doula Group, Absolute Yoga Studio,

Society of Enlightened Entrepreneurs, The Actor’s Institute, Spa Fit, Club 24/7, Open Spaces or 

Inner Source Wellness Centers…

If your are a member or client of these favorites, you receive:

15 % OFF*

Our classes, private hypnosis or yoga sessions

*Can not be combined with other specials

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