“This was the most amazing experience! I won’t ever have another baby without it! I’m actually considering having more because of it.”

Other than my life in and of itself, HypnoBirthing (class & birthing companion) is perhaps the greatest gift my mother has ever given me. I feel so blessed that she and my husband both were able to attend classes and in our own home! I LOVE that private in-home classes were an option! Bless you Nichole for being so flexible! My husband and mom were also my birthing companions, right there with me all night, reading scripts, applying cold compresses, and were the first to welcome Chiara to the world.

This is THE method I will tell all new expectant families about! Bless you Marie, and all of your beautiful instructors, and thank you all, for following your heart and living on purpose to bring comfort to the world!”

– Essence Oyos-Haynes, CA

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