What is the Yoga Birthing Method?

The Yoga Birthing Method is an 8 step birthing pathway that empowers women through a natural and mindful childbirth experience. YBM’s philosophy is for the mother to connect with her baby during childbirth and to engage in her labor as an experience of enlightenment. A very specific sequence of breathing and postures adapted to the physical and emotional changes in the stages of labor enable women to manage contractions from a calm, meditative and controlled perspective.

What is the purpose of the yoga birth method?

The Purpose of The Yoga Birthing Method is to give women an opportunity to embrace childbirth as a natural and joyful experience. How a woman gives birth becomes her birth story and that birth story is shared each time she reflects on the birth of her child. YBM was founded by Dorothy as a way to give women the best birth story possible. Yoga is an ancient practice of breathing, movement and mindful awareness that invokes personal wellbeing and stress free living. This method applied to childbirth gives women the exact same experience during the challenges of labor.

How does it work?

There are 8 steps that a woman uses. By following the 8 steps she does not need to “try” to manage contractions, the pathway is a natural progression of mindful awareness of birth intentions, movement that aligns mother’s pelvis to baby’s cardinal birthing movements and breathing strategies that manage the physical exertion in the first stage of labor. When she is using the sequence in labor it becomes a natural and effortless embodiment of meditation.

Why does it work?

It works because there are 10 birthing intentions are based on mom’s personal behavior characteristics. She chooses two intentions and they become her point of focus during birth. Her goal is to be mindful of her actions and to be consistent in managing her birth story throughout labor. The YBM sequence of postures and breathing help her manage the challenge of contractions and as they intensify over the stages, the sequence changes to adapt to those changes. She is fully present to what is happening to her body as her baby works to be born. When she is present she is better equipped to make the right decisions during labor and utilize her right to choice.

I have never done Yoga will this method still work for me?

Yes because you follow a specific pathway that is simple and yet very profound in action. It does not require yoga experience just a willingness to use the method and a determination to have a positive birth story.

What if I don’t understand Yoga terms?

The pathway is described in lay mans terms and can be used interchangeably for those that would like to embrace the sanskrit philosophy and for those that want the english words.

Do I need to have a partner?

The YBM can be used with or without a partner. The techniques are ultimately used by the birthing woman and a partner can support the process.

What are the benefits of doing this method?
  • Faster labor progression as the postures encourage the baby’s movement into the birth canal with quicker dilation and effacement.
  • A better chance at natural labor as the meditative aspect to the pathway allows a woman to remain focused and in control of her birth experience in a positive manner
  • A deep connection to the baby’s efforts during birth where mom and baby work together.
  • Less likelihood of medications and interventions as the tools are specific for the physical and emotional needs of the mother for each phase of labor.
  • Less likelihood of medications and interventions as the tools are specific for the physical and emotional needs of the mother for each phase of labor.
  • Baby is fully awake and aware at birht as he/she was not introduced to medications
How does this method compare to others?

Most birthing techniques use breathing and meditation techniques. However this method is unique and different because it is based on a deep connection between mother and child during birth. The mother is fully present to her experience of pain during birth as a necessity to help her baby be born into the world as opposed to pain happening to her. There is no reference to external distraction, the meditations or birth intentions are directly related to her personal behavioral characteristics and the tools to manage pain are specific and outlined.

Do I need any special training to do the method?

No, you would like to be prepared and educated before labor begins to become acquainted with the intention selection and familiarize yourself with the sequence.

Is this method safe?

Yes this method is safe and effective for the baby and for the mother. If you have a high risk pregnancy or have been diagnosed with Strep B, Preeclampsia or Gestational Diabetes, placenta dystocia, breech baby or any other risk factors, it is important you speak to your Doctor about natural childbirth options no matter what birthing method you use.

I would like to incorporate this in my birthing plan but want the option of using medication:

Using the YBM requires an open mind to natural childbirth. If you decide that you would like medication during your labor process after applying the techniques then you are still able to continue with the method and use the meditative and breathing tools. You may lose the ability to apply the posture sequence as medications require a mother to remain in bed during labor and restrict her ability to have freedom of movement.

I am planning to have my baby in the hospital is this method only for a natural birthing environment?

The method can be applied anywhere you choose to birth your child.

At what stage in my pregnancy should I learn this method?

There is no right or wrong time. The early you bedding to educated yourself on the progression of labor the more equipped you will be with resources. This method can be used from the onset pregnancy as the early labor sequence is a wonderful prenatal practice during 9 months and helps a woman’s body to be receptive and open to a faster and easier birth. Using the method in the final weeks of pregnancy for the first time or during labor for the first time still puts you in advantageous position to have a better broth story than not using it at all. Keep in mind every woman is different and every labor is different. There are no set guarantees as to how long your laboring time will be. The YBM also does not prevent unexpected outcomes that may occur in labor. YBM is a technique that gives you the resources to your labor mindful and better able to make informed decisions as you need to,

How can I get my child birthing coach on board with this method?

It is important to choose a birthing coach that agrees with and understands your birth choices. If you feel you need to convince your birth coach to see things your way you may not have the right coach for your needs.

Is this just a trend like the yoga phenomenon or is this effective that you can count on?

This is an effective birthing technique that helps woman manage natural childbirth. The practice of yoga has maintained a following for over 5000 years because it works and the same hold true with the YBM in the years to come. Debi was trained by creator Dorothy Guerra who is an avid speaker internationally with various well renown organizations such as Lamaze, DONA and ICEA.

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